Case of the Month submission instructions
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Thank you for your interest in submitting to the Case of the Month.

The focus of the Case of the Month is high quality and interesting images that showcase CTA use in various scenarios to a worldwide audience. Unlike typical case reports the text should focus on the images.

All accepted cases will be considered for the SCCT Case of the Year Award, which will be awarded at the SCCT Annual Scientific Meeting.

Instructions for submission

All submissions should be sent to SCCT using the form at the bottom of this page. Please read all of the following instructions carefully before submitting. 

Questions? Contact

All submissions must be entered on the Case of the Month PowerPoint template   with the video files uploaded separately. 

The case should include:

Title - Maximum of 20 words


  • First name, surname and institution(s) should be provided for each author.
  • An email address for the corresponding author must be provided


  • The text of the submission should be limited to 500 words. This should be divided into clinical history, imaging findings and discussions.
  • Utilize standard CT terminology according to SCCT guidelines.


  • Maximum of five (5) references.
  • References should be formatted according to JCCT guidelines.


  • There is no minimum or maximum limit to the number of images that can be submitted. However, only send images necessary to convey the case and teaching points.
  • Provide a list of images with legends for each figure. 
  • The file names should be "Figure 1", Figure 2", etc. as references in the text.
  • Submit a separate slide for each figure. Do not embed figures within the text.
  • All images should be anonymised. 
  • Videos must be MP4 files.
Review process

All cases will undergo a review process and are not considered guaranteed for publication as a Case of the Month until the author is notifies as such. 

Cases are judges according to the quality, clinical importance and educational value.

Submissions are subject to editorial modification for style uniformity.

Copyright and author responsibilities

When possible, avoid mention of proprietary products.

No copyright transfer of image ownership is required. The copyright for the submitted materials remains with the authors.

Disclaimers — Include a statement of any disclaimers with submission

Permissions — The authors must obtain permissions from the publisher of the original sources when material is reproduced. This permission must include reproduction for website/online use. 

Referencing Case of the Month on your CV

Case of the Month is a peer-reviews online publication.

The reference should be formatted as "Authors. Title of Case. Website. Posted Date".

Lesser JR, Han BK, Longe TL, et al. Coronary Aneurysm Resulting in Serial Infarcts: Assessment with Invasive and CT Coronary Angiography.
/archive/1113089502660.html. Posted April 1, 2013.

Submission form


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